Trendy Google Searches of 2020

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I have heard about Google’s cataloguing their top search terms. They don’t really curate the “top 10” of all time or anything; rather, they divide their search terms into categories. I have discovered something about myself when I saw these lists: I don’t give a shit about most of it. Here is Google’s finger on the world’s pulse for 2020:

  • Top search:  Coronavirus. Celebrities and politicians have been beat out in the search rankings by a submicroscopic, nonliving viral particle. It was also top in the news category also.
  • Top Actor: Tom Hanks was at the top.
  • Top Athlete: Ryan Newman. This NASCAR guy  survived a grisly crash on the last lap of the Daytona 500 back in February.
  • Top Game: Among Us trended after late August.
  • “Top” Recent Deaths: Kobe Bryant, also the third most frequent search term overall.
  • Top Movie: Parasite is at the top. I saw this movie. It’s about how the protagonists, a servant for a rich family lowers their morals continuously to obtain more of their master’s wealth, to the point of murdering their masters. I thought the idea was supposed to be that a parasite doesn’t kill its host. Personally I don’t like movies where you can’t root for the protagonist.
  • Top TV Show: I have no appreciation of television shows. What’s “Tiger King”? Maybe I should Google it. Oh, I see. It’s a show about cat breeding on Netflix.

If you want a meaningful life, quit filling it with glorified lolcat programming like this and actually take on something intellectually challenging, with the TV shut off. In my case, I do  have the TV on as I type this, but it is tuned to a spotify-like music-only station playing smooth jazz. No words. I can concentrate. I seem to have a low tolerance for mindless programming.