Media Centrism II

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This is an update to the media bias chart mentioned a few months ago. More strange listings to report. This time, we don’t leave the centre of the “news balance” metrics they have set up. is a news site, which on occasion scoops the major media on many topics political and otherwise. But mostly, their articles tend to be pretty lightweight, involving celebrity news; human interest stories that are maybe a bit more than 2 paragraphs long; gadgets; “stupid criminal” stories; and so on. Some of it is borderline BS. But it is the kind of non-partisan B. S. that places them in the centre of the distribution, but also place them relatively high in reliability in the minds of those at Ad Fontes Media. Not sure if it is enough to make me stop listening to Rachel Maddow, or cancel my subscription to the New York Times. Speaking of NYT, Ad Fontes has them as being more “biased” than BoingBoing.

Unherd. A website which Ad Fontes says is left of centre, which today has two pieces on its front page attacking the left. Most of this website is largely opinion, more than news.

The News Wires.┬áReuters, UPI, AFP, VOA, and their ilk deal nearly exclusively in reporting news stories, and very little in opinion. So it is no surprise that they are near the centre of the distribution. And they are a little to the left of centre, because there are only so many “stupid criminal” and gadget stories to go around that will not offend delicate political sensibilities. Many news outlets rely on a wire feed for their news, but they also seem to have a web component and most of them also have a broadcast component. This was even true of VOA (Voice of America) before it was hijacked by the previous presidential administration.