More things for you to worry about: Buying a used car these days

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Ian_FloodI have heard from the most recent Consumer Reports that if you choose to buy a used car in the coming months, it is quite possible that you could obtain a car that was a write-off in the Florida floods after Hurricane Ian.

What dealers would do is repair these cars, and while they might be in driveable condition when sold, their lives are greatly shortened by the effects of the prior flood damage: rust, corrosion, and electrical malfunctions. Water can also wreak havoc on lubricants and the car’s internal mechanics. Some state laws require the flooded cars to be re-branded as “totalled” or as “salvage”. Most places will only allow resale of a revived flood-damaged car if it is sold as “rebuilt” (assuming any needed repairs were actually done to make the flood-damaged car roadworthy). Sellers can dodge this regulation by saying the car was “lost” and not traceable to an owner, or if there was only a bill of sale attached to it.

What are your thoughts?